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Welcome to Link — Your positive change partner

In an exciting transformation for our business, we are proud to announce our rebrand from ASL Global to Link! This strategic decision follows the rapid growth of the company since 2018 into a fully-fledged outsourced service provider. In 2023, Link stands as one of the world’s leading marketing services businesses with 450 staff in 50+ offices worldwide.

Link’s new brand reflects the company’s commitment to making a positive change in its interactions with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Link aims to improve efficiencies, increase effectiveness, and drive sales growth for their clients, which include Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Mars Corporation, Heineken, and McDonald’s.

As a progressive marketing execution partner, this move signals the company’s commitment to global responsibility and creating value for all, through a transformative approach to strategic sourcing and supply chain management.

Link’s teams in 50+ countries help their client partners to streamline the procurement of branded materials, unlocking the maximum operational value and uncovering opportunities to better engage with consumers. Effective design and the leveraging of spend across multiple markets also make significant, measurable steps toward achieving ROI targets for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Alec Pettigrew, Link’s Chairman, commented on the bold new branding “This new brand reflects our position as a global marketing execution partner, and creates a strong platform for future growth. We’re focused on driving positive change which result in tangible improvement for our clients, both in the marketing materials we design and deliver into market, but also through the proactive, robust management of complex global value chains”.

Mark McDonnell, Link’s Chief Executive Officer, also commented “Link offers something unique in the market services industry. World class outsourced marketing execution that is truly progressive. We provide the link between our clients and their consumers, their supply chains, and their future brand ambitions. Our new brand reflects this unique proposition and we’re excited to see how our clients and stakeholders react”.

We’d like to assure our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders, that the rebranding initiative will not disrupt any existing business operations, financial or commercial arrangements between Link and its partners.

We invite you to explore our new website which is a hub of information, highlighting our innovative solutions and sharing valuable insights & resources.

Link’s rebranding signifies our bold step towards a future where positive change and client-centric solutions shape the marketing landscape. As we move forward, our mission is to establish a lasting legacy of excellence, innovation, and meaningful transformations in our industry. We are Link, and we are here to drive positive change for brands that want to do better.

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