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World Procurement Day 2024

Building a Better Future: Accelerating Positive Change through the Value Chain 

Today we celebrate the third annual World Sustainable Procurement Day, an initiative by the Sustainable Procurement Pledge, under the theme of#collaborate2accelerate“. As a global procurement organisation with a diverse and complex global supply chain, this occasion stands as a reminder for us to exchange insights and learn from each other about the practices that make procurement sustainable. 

Emma Pomeroy, Link’s Chief Sustainability Officer reflected on our progress in this important area, “At Link, we pride ourselves on being a positive change partner for our clients, committed to building transparent, robust and compliant supply chains. As a global business, we manage 2000+ suppliers worldwide, many in high-risk markets. This comes with an obligation to operate this value chain in the most responsible way possible.   

This also presents us with the opportunity to nurture these suppliers, often SMEs or community enterprises, and encourage them to thrive. By supporting our supply partners, we are helping improve the wider environmental, social and economic impact of the products we source.” 

Here are some of the collaborative efforts that are shaping our sustainable procurement journey. .

Moving Beyond Auditing

Along with our most progressive supply partners, we are working to move beyond a position of compliance. This exciting initiative helps support and amplify social sustainability throughout our entire value chain.  

In collaboration with the award-winning human rights management consultants at Twentyfifty, we’re pioneering advanced social practices and guidance with selected factories in India and China. This initiative focuses on elevating social compliance, with the goal to help uncover improvement opportunities and cultivate sustainable practices across our supply chain operations. 

Discover more about our journey towards responsible and sustainable procurement practices. 

We are deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and delivering value across all communities. In many markets, we have direct relationships with community enterprises that are dedicated to supporting otherwise marginalized or excluded members of society into employment. This translates into a huge opportunity for these individuals to lead independent and purposeful lives. 

For example, in Spain, we have forged a strong collaboration with Fundación ALAPARan organisation dedicated to championing the rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their integration into our society. Through this partnership, we aim to break barriers and build bridges, facilitating a more inclusive environment for all.  

Our European team had the privilege of working alongside Fundación ALAPAR on a significant client project recently, an experience that left us truly inspired by their dedication and impact. Looking ahead, we are eager to continue our collaboration, and our joint efforts to make a meaningful difference. 

Ground-breaking Materials Innovation

In terms of materials, the potential for positive change is there and we have a responsibility to lead it. Ensuring the provision of sustainably sourced materials, supported by robust compliance credentials, is an extremely important area of focus.  

In Latin America, our team is proactively collaborating with suppliers to champion sustainable materials sourcing. Our strategic supplier has developed two groundbreaking technologies aimed at transforming the use of plastic: BAC FREE Technology and BIO Technology. 

BAC FREE Technology introduces an antibacterial solution capable of eliminating 99.9% of fungi and bacteria on plastic surfaces. On the other hand, BIO Technology incorporates an additive that renders plastic fully biodegradable, significantly reducing its biodegradation onset time to just 10 years. These innovations mark a significant step towards our goal of a more sustainable and responsible industry. 

Building a Better Future for All

As we reflect on the initiatives and collaborations showcased during this year’s World Sustainable Procurement Day, it’s clear that our collaborative efforts are more than just steps toward sustainability—they are giant leaps toward a better future. 

Let’s carry the momentum of #collaborate2accelerate with us. Whether you’re a client, supplier, or fellow advocate for sustainability, your contribution is invaluable. Contact us to learn more, engage with our initiatives, or start a conversation about how we can work in partnership to build more sustainable value chains together.