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Driving Positive Change— Pioneering Sustainable Initiative in the Supply Chain

As the focus on sustainability grows, the concept of corporate social responsibility remains as important as ever, especially through complex multi-tiered supply chains. At Link, we are committed to working in open partnerships with our suppliers, focused on building capacity for environmentally friendly and socially beneficial supply chains.

We want to move beyond a position of simple compliance, and as such, we’re proud to share our latest exciting initiative, Beyond Audits, which seeks to enhance social sustainability throughout the value chain.

In collaboration with award-winning HuR management consultants, twentyfifty we recently visited two factories in India that are leading the way in progressive social practices. Attended by Link’s Operations Director for APAC, our local team and colleagues from twentyfifty, the visits focused on enhancing social compliance within our supply chain operations, and sought to create a template for identifying opportunities to foster sustainable practices within suppliers’ operations and workforces.

Driven by a commitment to positive change, this initial visit marked a crucial step in the advancement of pioneering sustainable social and environmental practices within Link’s supply chain operations. We met with two of our most progressive supply partners to learn more about their inclusive practices, enhance our social auditory processes and discuss opportunities for future improvement. Our team provided valuable insights from a client-side perspective, and demonstrated a genuine commitment to inclusivity, community well-being, and environmentally conscious practices. twentyfifty’s experience provided excellent guidance for Link’s team and helped build a comprehensive framework which will take Link’s new Beyond Audits program forward successfully.

Noel Menassa, Link’s Operations Director shared his insights from the visit. “It’s been very beneficial, to appreciate first-hand the difference between a regular Factory Audit and the Beyond Audits program. These visits are not just routine inspections, which generally focus on technical specifications and production capabilities. They are immersive experiences aimed at forging a much deeper connection with our suppliers.

This initiative goes beyond meeting regular compliance standards; it’s about setting new benchmarks, exploring potential opportunities and inspiring positive change within the supply chain.”

Emma Pomeroy, Link’s Chief Sustainability Officer, also commented on the Beyond Audit program “This program exemplifies Link’s commitment to being a force for the better. In order to drive real change we must work towards a shared future where responsible business practices are not a ‘nice to have’ but a way of life. We’re proud to engage positively with suppliers with this program; it’s our responsiblity to share these learnings across our vendor network to help promote best practice through the whole value chain. Our aspiration is to demonstrate how improving the lives of workers can transform any business for the better, delivering both social and commercial benefits.”

Do you need help driving social sustainability into your supply chain? Contact us to discover how Link is working with our 2000+ supply partners worldwide to embrace progressive social practices and drive positive change together!