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Mars Extends Strategic Partnership with Link, Driving Sustainability Improvements & Global Synergies

We are proud to share that once again been successfully appointed as Mars’ exclusive global partner. Mars Incorporated recently extended its successful partnership with Link, renewing the existing relationship established in 2015. The renewed contract now encompasses the global provision of marketing premiums to both Mars and Royal Canin, extending Link’s service scope to 52 key markets worldwide, including China, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

Our collaboration focuses on driving synergies and process improvements, with a key emphasis on sustainability and spending consolidation. Mars is committed to leveraging its global marketing spend and sharing best practices across its entire marketing community worldwide.

A crucial element of the extended partnership is Link’s top-flight marketing procurement technology solution—a bespoke portal built specifically for Mars. This portal combines requirements across markets, in advance of production, at the briefing stage. This innovative approach not only consolidates spending but also streamlines ideation and product development across markets, fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

John Pollock, Link’s Chief Sales Officer, commented on the renewed collaboration: “Our continued partnership with Mars reflects a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global excellence. Our creative teams assigned to Mars are actively engaged in product reimagination and reengineering, with a primary focus on sustainability. The creation of a comprehensive catalogue is contributing to reductions in carbon and water footprints. We look forward to further driving positive change across markets and contributing to Mars’ leadership in the industry.”

Mark McDonnell, Link’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Mars is a global business; we recognised the complexity of its supply chain and its demand for a meticulous procurement approach. Since partnering with Mars in 2015, our Link team has consistently gone above and beyond, prioritising our client to provide seamless and flexible service. Our shared vision for a better future drives our partnership. Together with Mars, we aim to help them build positive relationships in all their markets. New markets including Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and others, will benefit from the global spending model. Our partnership is underpinned by a continuous improvement approach, aligning with Mars’ sustainability objectives at every step.”

CEO, Marketing Service Company

The renewal of this contract between Link and Mars signifies not only a commitment to excellence in marketing materials but also a shared dedication to creating a more sustainable and collaborative global supply chain.