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International Youth Day 2023

Link to a better future—an Intern’s Journey with the Global Marketing Team 

In the spirit of celebrating International Youth Day, we cast our minds back to November 2021, when we welcomed a new wave of Interns into the business. These young minds brought fresh perspectives and boundless enthusiasm into our business, all whilst challenging norms and building positive relationships along the way.  

As this year’s International Youth Day approaches, we take a moment to catch up with Ellie Roy, one of the 2021 intake, as she ends her internship journey with Link. Ellie shared some of the invaluable insights she has gained during her time with Link, and the positive change its leaving on her future. 

When Ellie first joined our team, she was a second-year student studying Business and Marketing at Oxford Brookes University. Originally on a 6-week internship scheme, Ellie quickly made herself indispensable to the Central Marketing Team and her internship was extended for a further 18 months until her successful graduation in Summer 2023 with a first-class honours degree in Business & Marketing Management. For the duration of her time with the company, Ellie worked alongside Link’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Emma Pomeroy on a variety of marketing and communications projects. 

Ellie explained “Link has provided me practical experience which I have been able to apply towards my theoretical university studies. In addition to this, the learning experience I have gained has been invaluable. Having no prior practical experience within the marketing industry, Link has supported me since day one, offering constant encouragement and guidance throughout my internship”

We asked Ellie to summarise the five key lessons the experience with Link has taught her: 

1. Communication is key – The main thing Link has taught me to develop is my communication and people skills, not only in the office but virtually over calls and emails. For 18 months, I have been engaging daily with a variety of co-workers across 54 countries worldwide, building relationships and working together.  

2. IT Skills – Link has allowed me to develop my IT skills by introducing me to new technological platforms & tools which I had no prior experience with. 

3. Practical Experience – I’ve been able to apply the theoretical marketing knowledge which I learned at university and develop this within a practical environment. This firsthand experience is already reflected in the quality of my academic work, and my eventual first class honours degree.

4. Social Media – Throughout my tenure, I have been given the freedom to manage Link’s social media platforms. This has allowed me to develop skills and experience in this area, developing my creativity and building a solid social audience for the business. 

5. Client Focus – At Link, I have seen firsthand how a leading global business puts its clients at the heart of what it does. Seeing these client relationships develop and grow has really taught me the values and passion which are vital to ensure the success of any company.  

Link Marketing Team
marketing team

Ellie summed up her experiences “I would add that Link has also inspired me, through a variety of schemes and initiatives around Sustainability, to be as environmentally and ethically responsible as possible. I am so grateful to everyone at Link for the kindness, support, and encouragement I have received throughout my time with the company. I wish everyone all the best and hope to one day cross paths with Link again in the future!” 

Emma Pomeroy, Link’s Chief Sustainability Officer, reflected on Ellie’s time in the business “Ellie has been a real asset from Day One. We’re a fast-paced business, but she very quickly became a valuable part of the team, proven by the fact we extended her internship pretty quickly once we saw the valuable contribution she was making! It’s been great to see her grow in confidence and we’re grateful for her efforts, especially on our social media channels. We’ve enjoyed having Ellie on the team and wish her all the best in what I’m sure is a very bright future”. 

We’re also very proud to announce Ellie Roy’s recent outstanding achievement – securing a First Class Honours degree in Business and Marketing Management from Oxford Brookes University! Ellie, your Link family couldn’t be prouder of your remarkable accomplishment.

And as we celebrate International Youth Day, we extend our warmest wishes to all the young people making valuable contributions to their workplaces and communities across the globe. Happy International Youth Day, where we take time to celebrate your incredible potential and bright futures!

As part of Link’s ESG initiative, we have set a specific target to significantly develop an inclusive Work Experience programme to give young people from all backgrounds an opportunity to experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands.

It’s vital to us that we support and help the next generation of industry leaders – that’s why we introduced our inclusive Work Experience program. This enables us to provide keen and passionate young individuals with the opportunity to learn and excel.

We’re always looking for talented people with a passion for teamwork and driving positive change. If you are a student, a recent graduate or young person seeking work experience contact us today for the opportunity to join a friendly, dynamic global business.