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Link Achieves FSC Certification, Leading the Way in Responsible Sourcing

Link is proud to have been awarded the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification (FSC-COC), a significant achievement reflecting the businesses ongoing commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing practices.

Link’s journey towards obtaining this certification began with a clear vision; to ensure that every step in their complex and substantial global supply chain, from sourcing to distribution, is sustainable. By obtaining the FSC-COC certification, Link can now guarantee their clients that they are sourcing responsibly, promoting the health of the world’s forests, and ensuring transparency in their supply chain. This certification enables Link to uphold the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility at every stage of its operations.

Early 2024 marked the beginning of an intensive preparation phase. Link meticulously prepared the necessary documentation and the company-wide processes, mapping out a complex and dynamic supply chain spanning over 100 countries worldwide. Specific roles and responsibilities across all departments were assigned to meet the stringent requirements of the FSC standards.

To qualify for the Chain of Custody (COC) certification, organisations must implement a robust management system that ensures the following:

    • The forest-based materials used in any part of the production process are FSC-certified, including reclaimed materials.
    • FSC-certified material is identified and meticulously tracked throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes.
    • All documents and records related to the production, purchase, and sale of FSC-certified products are accurately maintained and accessible.

A company must also adhere to FSC’s core labour standards, which encompass:

    • Prohibition of a child or forced labour.
    • Ensuring non-discrimination in employment and occupation.
    • Upholding freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Lee Wai Hoong, Link’s Chief Compliance Officer commented on the certification, “I am grateful for our Link team who cooperated with the certification process—Merchandising, Sales Support, Logistics, Finance, and Quality Assurance all worked together. The FSC-COC Certification not only validates our efforts but also enhances Link’s credibility with our clients and stakeholders, assuring them of our dedication to environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing.”

Emma Pomeroy, Chief Sustainability Officer at Link, remarked, “This certification highlights our commitment to sustainable supply chain practices. It’s an outstanding collective effort from our Procurement and QA/QC teams, supported by the entire organisation, to help establish a truly sustainable supply chain and lead the way in terms of best-practice sourcing across global markets. FSC Chain of Custody certification is a key component of our One World 2030 Sustainability strategy, working with clients, suppliers, and other external stakeholders to build a better future for us all.”