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Replicas of Coke and 7eleven store

Establishing Retail Excellence & New Brand Experiences with The Coca-Cola Company

Link’s Thailand team recently took on an ambitious project to re-define brand experiences in the retail landscape.

The journey began with a detailed brief from The Coca-Cola Company Asean and South Pacific, outlining a vision that was as bold as it was intricate. The goal was to create best-in-class replicas of three distinct retail channels, each designed to offer Thailand bottlers a glimpse into the future of retail. This demanding task was entrusted to our team at Link Thailand, a challenge they accepted with open arms and creative minds. 

Over two months, our team went above and beyond to pursue perfection, creating new booth designs and developing Point of Sale Materials (POSM) that not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations. The task demanded a blend of creativity, practicality, and efficiency, especially considering the tight production timelines. And what set this project apart was our commitment to sustainability—a 100% reusable system.

Our choice to construct the booth structure entirely out of aluminium was a testament to this commitment. This versatile material is lightweight, hardwearing and endlessly recyclable. Not only did this ensure durability, but it also meant that the construction is 100% reusable. 

The installations developed in both Phuket and Bangkok were not merely to showcase POS products; they were immersive experiences. Each section was meticulously designed to present an ideal planogram, complemented by bespoke POSM that captured the essence of the brand. Sample activations of meals, breaks, and other events breathed life into the spaces, transforming them into booths of engagement and interaction.

The response from The Coca-Cola Company Thailand was nothing short of phenomenal, it was the recognition of our partnership and collaboration that truly marked our success. Jennifer Tang, Director of Channel Strategy of The Coca-Cola Company Asean and South Pacific, commented on the project “The Link team has been a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, the team understood the brief and delivered flawlessly. I appreciate how Link has brought the vision of three completely different stores to life, effectively and efficiently. This project was as important to you as it was to us. We really felt that.” said Jennifer Tang, Director of Channel Strategy of The Coca-Cola Company Asean and South Pacific. 

Wanipa Sukpoonpholjaroen, Operational Director of Link Thailand commented “We embraced this challenge with unwavering dedication and innovation. Through collaboration, fresh thinking, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, we’ve not only met the brief but have set new standards for retail excellence. The measurement of success is not just in the flawless execution of this project but in the lasting partnerships and mutual trust we’ve built along the way with our clients. We move forward, inspired by what we’ve achieved and excited to work on  future collaborations.”

This project was more than just an assignment; it was a journey of discovery, innovation, and partnership. As it should always be. By applying fresh thinking, improving efficiencies, and committing to innovative design, we delivered a solution that was both effective and sustainable. 

Are you ready to create an unforgettable brand experience for your brand?  Let’s achieve retail excellence together. Your vision deserves the best execution—let’s make it happen. Contact us now!