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Empowering Excellence: The Inspirational Story of a Woman-Owned Business which is changing the textile manufacturing landscape. 

Back in July, between the two major APAC Supplier Summits organised by Link, our Sales Teams took the opportunity to attend a series of factory visits with some of our major manufacturing partners in the region.  

Emma Pomeroy, Link’s Chief Sustainability Officer tagged along to experience firsthand some of the factories which manufacture a huge range of marketing materials for our clients. From injection-moulded plastic products to toys and sportswear, the visit was a fascinating insight into the complexities of modern-day manufacturing processes.

However, the most striking aspect of the experience was the surprise discovery of an inspirational figure in the shape of Mandy C., the female owner of a textile factory in Zhejiang, China. Mandy’s business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit is breaking barriers in this most traditional of manufacturing environments, where the overwhelming number of business owners are still male.

This inspirational female leader is proving that women can succeed in a ‘man’s world’ by creating a beacon of manufacturing excellence and customer service. The combination of state-of-the-art technology, a skilled, well-motivated workforce, and innovative leadership has led to this success, and it was a real honour to meet her and learn more about her unique approach.

Touring this facility and speaking to Mandy, it’s clear there are some key success factors at play: 

State-of-the-Art Technology: The factory’s utilization of cutting-edge technology indicates a commitment to staying competitive and efficient production. Investing in the most advanced machinery for dyeing, printing and finishing textiles is clearly paying off. 

Skilled Workforce: The well-motivated workforce is essential to the factory’s success. The employees’ dedication and expertise contribute to the production of high-quality textiles. 

Innovative Ideas: Innovation is a driving force behind manufacturing excellence. This factory’s ability to generate fresh ideas for textile production and materials helps them stand out in the market. Their (huge) showroom was brimming with hundreds of new product concepts and interesting materials. 

Community Impact: With over 700 employees, the factory plays a significant role in the local community by providing employment opportunities, especially to women, and contributing to economic growth. 

Longstanding Partnership: The factory’s seven-year history as a Link supplier highlights the strength of our partnership. The relationship is built on mutual trust and shared values, both important foundations for successful collaborations. 

Sustainability Focus: The owner’s commitment to sustainability is evident both in the efforts made to minimize carbon footprint when sourcing raw materials, and in the reduction of waste through the entire manufacturing processes.  

Collaborative Approach: The business mindset demonstrates a refreshingly forward-facing approach. Mandy’s team constantly strive to create something new or different, which is so well aligned with our own commitment to innovation.  

Overall, this woman-owned textile business exemplifies manufacturing excellence through a combination of technology, innovation, community engagement, sustainability focus, and collaborative partnerships. It serves as an inspiring example of how any business can succeed in creating shared value by prioritizing their employees, embracing innovation, and contributing positively to their communities and the environment. 

Are you a women-owned business providing marketing goods and materials? Contact us to connect and see how we can collaborate to deliver innovative and market-leading marketing services to the world’s biggest brands.