We are a leading procurement service provider with a global network of over 4000 suppliers, specializing in the hospitality industry. Our experienced professionals take a consultative approach to guide hotel owners, owner representatives, and general managers through the hotel opening process from inception to delivery.



 With over 187,000 hotels serving 17.5 million guests worldwide, the hotel & hospitality sector has never been greater. Every day, six new hotels open somewhere in the world, with this number set to rise in 2024. 


At Link, we understand that every hotel is unique, and requires an equally unique approach to its procurement needs. That’s why we offer a tailored, bespoke solution for each of our clients, ensuring that their FF&E and OS&E projects are delivered on time, in full, and within budget.

 FF&E Consultancy Services

Welcome to our FF&E Procurement Consultancy, where we redefine excellence in five key areas: casegoods and upholstery, decorative lighting, loose rugs, outdoor furniture, and drapery. From crafting meticulous cost plans to overseeing logistics and installation, we offer a comprehensive suite of services. Visualize your design with our mock-up room delivery, benefit from our factory pre-qualification expertise, and trust our meticulous oversight in the tender process. 

We go beyond traditional consulting, actively engaging in shop drawing and prototype reviews through insightful workshops. Our commitment extends to production, logistics management, and maintaining a precise asset registry. Partner with us for a seamless journey from concept to realization, ensuring your project’s success and efficiency.

OS&E Services


Our procurement platform is designed to focus on our clients’ needs throughout the entire hotel opening process. With a simple log-in process, hotel operators can place orders and join grouped production runs that optimize spend patterns across hundreds of hotels worldwide. This unique procurement-led approach means that our clients receive the highest quality products to meet brand standards and ensure a consistent guest experience worldwide.

Link works with some of the world’s biggest hotel chains such as IHG Hotels & Resorts to deliver this unique, synergised procurement service, which is delivering significant savings for worldwide hotel groups and resorts. Our mission is to become a strategic partner for our clients, and we achieve this by providing exceptional service, innovation, and value. 

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