Discover how the Mustela beach bag is helping working Mothers

The manufacturer of this bag has been chosen with great care. Not only is it made from 100% organic cotton to reduce the impact on the environment, but it aims to help support families leading difficult lives in some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. 

Where Was This Bag Made?

This beach bag was manufactured in India, by ‘stay at home’ mothers who are generally unable to access a job due to practical constraints such as timing & family commitments. Our supplier has adopted more flexible operational practices to help this vulnerable group in society to become active participants in the workforce.

Working Hours

These women can flex their hours to suit their family life commitments. Later starts and early finishes help them take care of their children and keep their households running around their work commitments. No woman is asked to do overtime or extra work, to ensure their home/work life balance is maintained.

Working Conditions

All the women have a choice between working at home, or in the factory, depending on their personal situation. If they have young children for example, they may prefer to work at home. Materials are delivered to their doorstep to save time and the women can work, and earn, at their own pace.

Fair Wages

All the women are paid a fair, living wage and receive a guaranteed bonus every year. There are special grants for events such as marriage or the death of an immediate family member. Scholarship grants offering 100% free education to the workers’ children (boys & girls) are also made available to all staff.

Role Models

We are very proud of the women who have made your new Beach Bag. Like so many hard-working mothers the world over, they provide for their families, maintain their work/home life balance and, importantly, act as positive role models for their children and the wider community.

Thank-you for helping to support their efforts! We hope you enjoy your Beach Bag 😊