Footprint Calculator

Introducing our Link Footprint Calculator, a significant development in our service offering relating to sustainability reporting.

This innovative technology automatically calculates the carbon & water footprint for each quotation, encouraging responsible decision-making in advance of production and providing transparency through the value chain.

Creates a Unique Product Footprint

This calculator is set to revolutionise how we track & report ESG data. The tool creates a unique footprint for each product based on the key lifecycle stages of materials, production, packaging, shipping and end of life.


Using live, dynamic data provided by Link suppliers, the calculator builds a comprehensive ESG footprint for bespoke and catalogue orders, visible through your client portal.

Encourages Responsible 

Decision Making

By comparing the environmental footprint of products with more sustainable alternatives, we can encourage better behaviour and foster responsible decision-making.
The tool helps our teams identify opportunities for improvement and shows our client stakeholders the potential environmental benefits for each order.
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diversity team brainstorming focused on ESG (environment,social,governance) for sdgs goals in a sustainable green office

Generates Transparent 

ESG Reporting

The calculator automatically captures key ESG data which feeds directly into our wider reporting functionality.
In 2024, our clients can look forward to detailed, transparent reporting on key metrics such as materials, packaging and end of life; supporting your ESG targets and driving positive change through the supply chain.
Link’s footprint calculator is also available as a mobile app. This easy-to-use tool calculates carbon & water footprints, compares products, and helps you to make informed, responsible decisions about your marketing materials.


With our compliments, we invite you to register for Link’s exclusive App below and take advantage of this valuable tool.