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Congratulations on your new Castrol Picnic Set!

Each of these products has been carefully selected to create a striking, sustainable gift set which delivers long-lasting brand impression in the marketplace.
Read on to discover how design, materials and packaging decisions can influence a products environmental impact. And how simple, responsible choices can have a big, and positive, impact. 
Most importantly, we hope you enjoy using this picnic set to spend fun time with colleagues, friends and family this Summer!

Multi-use Picnic Bag

Multi Use Picnic Bag

Dual Use


Saves Water

A clever design means this bag has many uses – it is not just a picnic bag and picnic mat, but it can also be used as a sunshade for your car or a large bag for your shopping.
Made from polyester, this product is recyclable and uses 99% less water than an equivalent product made from conventional cotton.
This product is useful and durable, delivering consistently high brand visibility as consumers re-use it from time to time and again for picnics and holidays!

Colour Changing Cups

Colour Changing Cup

Easily Recyclable

Highly Durable

Long Life

Wow! These cups are sure to hold your attention as you fill them with your favorite drinks, but their environmental credentials are also pretty eye-catching.

Made from aluminum, these cups are highly durable and have a very high recycling efficiency rate of 76%

Not only that but did you know that aluminum manufactured in Europe has 51% less emissions than aluminum produced in China?

Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

FSC approved

80% reduction in shipping costs

Less CO2 emissions

We love these foldable cardboard ice buckets!

Clever design means they fold down to only 20% of their original size. Saving space and shipping costs.

Using FSC approved cardboard from sustainably maintained forests.

They also have a much lighter carbon footprint, with 82% less emissions than a conventional tin bucket!

Picnic Napkin

Picnic Napkin

Durable & Long Life

Easily Recyclable

71% Less Emissions

No picnic is complete without napkins.

We’ve chosen to use organic cotton to make this product something you want to keep.

If you keep and re-use this napkin for just 12 months, you will save an estimated 5kg of CO2 emissions per napkin (compared to a single use alternative).

Footprint Calculator

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